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Why are there no movie titles or genres?

Because that would be predictable.

Our world is increasingly cookie-enabled and customized, cocooning people in zones of familiarity from which they can never escape.

I want to introduce a little randomness, surprise and uncertainty into your life.

You can still search by decade (1950s, 1960s, etc.).


What's the difference between Classic and Premium T-shirts?

Premium is a lighter, softer fabric.


Why are there lines or marks on the picture?

Because it's a genuine vintage poster.

It's almost impossible to find real posters in mint condition.

Please examine thumbnails closely before ordering.

If you can find or fix a "perfect" copy of a great vintage movie poster, I may give you a free shirt or discount off your next order, if I'm impressed with your efforts.

Please contact me before you spend hours editing an image.

Images must look good printed at 11x15 inches, be 200 DPI, PNG with transparent background, and less than 10 MB.


This can't be legal! Will I be arrested?

Yes, it can. No, you won't.

The use of these images is transformative fair use.

In format, context and meaning, the image is transformed.

What was a paper poster (format) displayed at cinemas (context) promoting screenings (meaning) is now clothing (new format), advertised and purchased online (new context), expressing the personal style, interests and attitude of the wearer (new meaning).

So, in format, context and meaning, the use is "transformative".

Ipso facto, "fair use".

There is also no detrimental effect on the potential market for posters (I don't sell them) or even t-shirts (There are no searchable movie titles).

I rest my case.