New releases DVD + Blu-ray January 2017 Australia

Australian new releases
DVD + Blu-ray
January 2017

Shockadelic does not necessarily endorse all these films. Just FYI.

4 Moons, 2014 DVD
Beyond The Gates, 2016 DVD
Blair Witch, 2016 DVD + Blu-ray
Cafe Society, 2016 DVD
El Topo, 1970 Blu-ray
First Men In The Moon, 1964 DVD
The Holy Mountain, 1973 Blu-ray
I Drink Your Blood, 1970 Blu-ray
A Long Ride From Hell, 1968 DVD
Prince Collection, Blu-ray
Prisoner, Season 2, 1980 DVD
Resident Evil: Afterlife, 2010 UHD Blu-ray
See No Evil, Hear No Evil, 1989 DVD
Stephen King's It, 1990 Blu-ray
Stir Crazy, 1980 DVD
See No Evil, Hear No Evil/Stir Crazy DVD set
The Toy, 1982 DVD
The True Story Of Eskimo Nell, 1975 DVD
Underworld, 2003 UHD Blu-ray

Released in Australia: DVD + Blu-ray
January 2017