The Weird Weird West, 2011

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The Weird Weird West is a 2010s multi-disc compilation; features American western films from the 1930s, 1940s and 1960s with unusual characters, casting or themes; each disc includes 2 films and 1 cartoon

Disc 1:
The Rawhide Terror, 1934
The Mystery Of The Hooded Horsemen, 1937
The Mild West, 1947 cartoon

Disc 2:
Wild Horse Phantom, 1944
The Lone Star State, 1948 cartoon

Disc 3:
Viva Willie, 1934 cartoon

*Billy The Kid Vs Dracula had audio playback problems on my media player.
A disc scan showed no errors. I presume the problem is in my software, not the disc (the other two titles on the same disc played normally). However, a replacement disc had the same problems. New DVD player also same error.

Classification: PG; Parental guidance recommended