Exorcist II The Heretic, 1977

Exorcist II: The Heretic is a 1970s American religious supernatural horror thriller film; about a priest investigating the death of an exorcist, and the teen girl who was possessed by a demon; so-bad-it's-good/worst film camp classic

Shockadelic rating: Laughable (but ironically enjoyable)

Alternate title: Exorcist 2

Contributors: John Boorman, Richard Lederer, William Goodhart, William Peter Blatty, Linda Blair, Max von Sydow, Richard Burton, Louise Fletcher, James Earl Jones, Ned Beatty, Kitty Winn, Paul Henreid, Ennio Morricone

Sequel to: The Exorcist, 1973
Sequels: The Exorcist III, 1990
Exorcist: The Beginning, 2004 (prequel)
Dominion: Prequel To The Exorcist, 2005 (prequel)