Fame, 1980

Released in Australia: DVD + Blu-ray

TV series: Season 1 DVD set
Season 2 DVD set
Season 1 + 2 DVD set

Remake: DVD + Blu-ray

Fame is a 1980s American musical dance teacher high school actor ballet dancer musician comedian queer/gay teen drama film

Fame, 1982-1987 TV series
Fame L.A., 1997-1998 TV series
Remake: Fame, 2009

Note: Fame, a 2003 TV series, uses the same name and theme tune as the film and drama TV series, but is a reality talent show

Shockadelic ratings:
Fame 1980: Interesting (but flawed)
Fame 1982 TV series: Recommended
Fame 2009: Crap

Contributors: Alan Parker, David De Silva, Alan Marshall, Christopher Gore, Eddie Barth, Irene Cara, Lee Curreri, Laura Dean, Antonia Franceschi, Boyd Gaines, Albert Hague, Tresa Hughes, Steve Inwood, Paul McCrane, Anne Meara, Joann Merlin, Barry Miller, Jim Moody, Gene Anthony Ray, Maureen Teefy, Michael Gore


Shockadelic said…
The 1980s film was cringeworthy at times, but enjoyable, the TV show was better, the remake is redundant and more flawed than the original (lacking humour, dancing in the street, boys in tights).
Remake has a *possibly* gay character (unlike the TV series) but no development. In the original film the gay boy was pathetic and closeted, but at least they explored that element.