The Poseidon Adventure, 1972

The Poseidon Adventure is a 1970s American all-star cast action adventure thriller seafaring disaster survival film; about an eclectic group of passengers and crew, survivors of an accident when an old luxury ocean liner is capsized by a rogue wave/tsunami on New Year's Eve

Sequel: Beyond The Poseidon Adventure, 1979
Remakes: The Poseidon Adventure, 2005
Poseidon, 2006

Shockadelic rating: Interesting (but flawed)

Contributors: Ronald Neame, Irwin Allen, Stirling Silliphant, Wendell Mayes, Paul Gallico), Gene Hackman, Ernest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Carol Lynley, Roddy McDowall, Stella Stevens, Shelley Winters, Jack Albertson, Pamela Sue Martin, Arthur O'Connell, Eric Shea, Leslie Nielsen, John Williams, Joel Hirschhorn, Al Kasha